About Greg Hines

I am the owner of Abundant Life Coffee Group and a missionary to Honduras. Our mission is to bring economic opportunity and spiritual hope to the Lenca Indians in Honduras. One village, one family at a time, we are changing lives with coffee.ourstory
Abundant Life Coffee purchases and imports only the highest quality specialty coffee grown by family farmers in the mountains of Honduras. We pay the growers the highest price possible ensuring they receive compensation that greatly exceeds the Fair Trade minimum wage.
My desire to bring economic opportunity grew out of the relationships I built with many of the Lenca starting in 2009. I learned that they are hard working people, and most of them own a small piece of land; they simply lack the resources to start and maintain their own farming businesses. By helping them start their own farms and telling them about Jesus we bring them hope for a better life now, and for eternity.

When you purchase our coffee you are doing more than simply getting a great bag of coffee, you are becoming a partner with us in our mission to provide a more abundant life to the Lenca Indians.

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