is to bring economic opportunity, hope, and dignity to coffee growers in Honduras.

One village, one family at a time, we are changing lives with coffee.

Coffee is a key part of our strategy for bringing economic opportunity and hope to the Lenca Indians. It is also a key part of our
church planting ministry. The new coffee cooperatives we help establish build trust between us and the Lenca;
it opens doors for us to share stories about Jesus from the Bible with them.

2009-Santa Teresa’s New Church

2009 was our first mission trip to Honduras. We heard about a growing church in Santa Teresa with a very dynamic pastor named Pastor Domingo. On Sunday morning we saw firsthand why we were there; the crowd was standing room only and many, many more were gathered outside of all of the doors and windows to worship. The new church building made it possible for everyone to worship together. The smaller building is used to run a children’s feeding center during the week and for small group meetings

2010-Leadership Training

We returned to Santa Teresa with a very small group to help equip leaders in the church to teach Sunday school to children. We presented a curriculum for them to use and we taught them how to do their own children’s Vacation Bible School.

2011-Pastor’s Home

The pastor and his wife were walking 45 minutes each way to church. The terrain is difficult and they are getting older, which makes this trip even more difficult. To help the pastor, we built a house for him and his wife next door to the church. This cut down on the travel and put the pastor right in the center of the community. Due to bad storms the construction project was delayed so we worked on the foundation while we were there. Others did the building after we left.

2012-Chimis Mataras’ New Church

This year we began working with Pastor Jose Maria, whom we had gotten to know. When we told him we wanted to build Sunday school classrooms for him he told us about another community who desperately needed a church. On the last day of construction a woman told us that God had shown her in a dream that there would be a church on the very spot where we were standing. She had prayed for 3 years for this new church and God answered her prayers.